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Vodafone grows to 171 millions customers!

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Posted by MIK-3
Vodafone Group shows a strong customer growth for another quarter.

Mivadika.com has all the details

Check it out


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Posted by BobaFett
171 million fones with that beautiful voda branding

Posted by Cycovision
171 million and ONE, actually. I just (reluctantly) got my second hand blackberry working on Voda, after about 2 1/2 hours being redirected around the call centre. I'm now looking forward to poor customer support, incorrect billing and a whole lot of other fun courtesy of the wonderful folks at Voda

Posted by dgilmartin

Posted by masseur
I've never had an issue with Vodafone UK in many years with them but Vodafone Australia, well thats another story, bunch of cowboys IMHO

Posted by Cycovision
Well, it got off to a bad start when the sales guy assured me that their cheapest (£20 per month) price plan would give me FULL blackberry functionality. Turned out that he was lying through his teeth, the plan didn't include APN which meant that I couldn't get email on my blackberry. Fair enough, but I only bought the blackberry to get email, i don't want it for calling and texts!

So, after getting through to account management to have it activated, they told me that wasn't the reason why I couldn't get email, and that I should ring again and get through to tech help. I did, and after being on hold for 20 minutes they told me (guess what?) I needed APN activating on my account!

Back to accounts and another lengthy wait to get through to a very nice young lady who didn't have a clue what APN was. Back on hold again, until finally she said 'Oh, yeah you do need APN but it will cost you another 12.50 per month'.

So, the straight forward cheap balckberry sim-only package that Arther Daley, sorry, the nice salesman sold me turned out to be anything but straightforward and certainly not cheap.

It hasn't really raised my confidence levels in Voda and I've only been with them a couple of days!

Posted by Krubach
I'm one of those 171 M...

Dishonest salesman are everywhere, or maybe he didn't know what internet APN is... ... which i believe it's possible...

Stop looking at me. I don't like people looking at me like that.

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Posted by MIK-3

On 2005-11-18 09:36:29, dgilmartin wrote:

Sorry I was on hurry!!!


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