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Posted by Johnex
Hi all, i am making a header accept database for people to look at when they want to know what file types your browser (any type; phone, web, wap) supports.

What i want all is to go to this page: http://johnex.se/header_accept.php on all the browsers your have; phone, web browsers, psp browser, anything!

This will help me make an extensive database which will help those that need it,and will be much appreciated , thanks all.

EDIT: If the phone gives you an error, don't worry, the info will be stored anyway.

UPDATE: List now available.

[ This Message was edited by: Johnex on 2005-11-08 19:15 ]

Posted by Johnex
Update: Split list into list and details, added hit counter for each browser.

Current Browser/Header Count: 117

Posted by Johnex

Posted by Johnex
if anyone wants any features added to simplify view or anything, feel free to post here and ill get on it

Posted by shyam335
Nice collection

Posted by Johnex
hehe, it grows everyday!

anyone have any suggestions? rss feeds for example?

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