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Posted by jenbones
Sign up to the forum evrybody, it's a good'un


let's get some posting done and make the site full to it's potential!!

Posted by jenbones
BUMP - just checking up guys, anybody who is interesting in being part of our website, moderator, designer, whatever, please let us know if you can help in any way, whether it be promoting, writing reviews or designing the site, we will appriciate your help!!

Let me or dude_se know, msn: ben_jones_rules@msn.com
PM me or dude_se,
Email - ben_jones_rules@msn.com

Posted by Stinger151
Your site doesnt work

Posted by defensive

On 2005-09-13 22:04:57, Stinger151 wrote:
Your site doesnt work

Imao he's right you know. Promote a site thats server is down, only thing thats made me laugh all day..

Posted by lamont
lol sorry dude n jones but that is stupid

Posted by Stinger151
It works now

Posted by parsnip
is there any chance f me becoming a mod|?

Posted by dude_se
get on site and prove you are mod material


Posted by jenbones
bumping... new design

Posted by BlueQuill

Posted by max99
if u had a gd logo it wud make site hundred times better. put sum money into the site

Posted by jenbones
I do remember asking you max, but as i remember you "couldn't be arsed" lol

Posted by max99
lol, dats cus its not my site, pay me andf i will

Posted by Kryptik

Server's down again...

Posted by jenbones

New site coming...

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