Mobile Phone Photo Gallery - Photo by 9_Destiny using a SAMSUNG GT-M8910

EXIF data
Exposure Time1/2 sec
Exposure comp-
Flash usedFlash fired, auto mode
Image resolution9.17 megapixels (3941 x 2328)
Capture time2012-03-01 17:40:20

Phone Specifications

Max Resolution12 megapixel
Second cameraNo
Image stabilizationNo
Video recordingYes
12 Megapixel, autofocus, 28mm angel

Owner comments
+ tripod

User Comments

Itís been 1 year since I joined the Esato. During that time Iíve discovered that taking shots from mobile phone is my real passion. Thx 4 comments and support. Want to see some shots unseen here? Enter my profile and click @ my Flickr ;)

9_Destiny on Mar 18 2012

very good shot ;-)

nakedsnake on Mar 18 2012

I vote for 10! Very nice shot!!! :-)

hojurek on Mar 18 2012

Beautiful one!

biosx on Mar 18 2012


medvetable on Mar 18 2012


samuele on Mar 18 2012

Thx ;)

9_Destiny on Mar 18 2012

Very nice :)

rikken on Apr 29 2012

Poznaje po wypientym 3 Wazie ze to Warszawa. Swietnie podswietlony jest wiklinowy koszyk. Jestem tam prawie codziennie ale jeszcze nie obfocilem. Extra zdjecie by bylo w jednym kadrze most i stadion narodowy pozna pora wieczor ale nie noc! Oba podswietlone roznymi kolorami i zachod slonca.

pisul on May 26 2012

Wow! Very well done!

io_bg on Jun 02 2012

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