Mobile Phone Photo Gallery - Photo by 9_Destiny using a SAMSUNG GT-M8910

EXIF data
Exposure Time1/2 sec
Exposure comp-
Flash usedFlash fired, auto mode
Image resolution9.6 megapixels (4000 x 2400)
Capture time2012-01-28 17:26:31

Phone Specifications

Max Resolution12 megapixel
Second cameraNo
Image stabilizationNo
Video recordingYes
12 Megapixel, autofocus, 28mm angel

Owner comments
Photo for Nightshot Contest

User Comments

Nice shot ^^

nakedsnake on Jan 28 2012


Bonovox on Jan 28 2012

fantastic quality

samuele on Jan 28 2012

Truly great shot.

biosx on Jan 28 2012

great quality - Warszawa nocą :) pozdrawiam rodaka

damianroz on Jan 28 2012

Congratulations 9_Destiny !!!
As Always You Burst Onto The Art Of Photography !!!

P.S: If The Same Goofiness Does Not Always Occur In This Month's Contest, Ie, Only Being Awarded Photos Shot by Sony Brand Appliances Or Members Of "The Club of Boycotts Esato Idiots"...

This Image Will Undoubtedly Be The Winner This Month !
Absolutely No One Managed To Original Size And Quality In a Picture !

This Picture No Doubt Is Also Unanswerable Proof That The Samsung M8910 Pixon 12 Is The Second Largest Cameraphone Of History !!!

Guarulhos on Jan 28 2012


winter08 on Jan 28 2012

Thx 4 comments. Thank you 4 your support Guarulhos :) Dzieki za komentarz Damian. Trzeba pokazac swiatu ze polak tez potrafi, a co ;)

9_Destiny on Jan 28 2012

Should be this months winner

Bonovox on Jan 29 2012

Is* :-)

biosx on Jan 29 2012

The returning of the King - Pixon12

Sassho on Jan 30 2012

very very very good!!! :-)

hojurek on Jan 30 2012


NOZ on Jan 30 2012

impressive in full resolution

emporium on Jan 30 2012

Разрешить написание латиницей
excellent photo! only need to pay attention to the horizon

LaMaster on Mar 17 2012

Good point LaMaster, I haven't nothiced that.

9_Destiny on Mar 18 2012


laionel on Apr 22 2012

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