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Posted by sfaguy
I just downloaded Opera from my PC onto my P900 (D drive).

How do I make Opera the default browser without having to click on the Opera browser whenever I get to the internet?

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Posted by anish
Have a look at some of these search results please

Knowledge is two fold. Knowing a subject or knowing where to find out about a subject. I rely on both... That is why I come here.

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Posted by gforce23
U can Opera the default browser throgh the options/preferences menu.

Posted by dave_uk
Having read the article to which anish refers, and the other posts on this thread, I still don't understand how you can make Opera the default web browser on the P900. What exactly is the options/preferences menu? The link on anish's post says to "View-Options", but there are no such menu options.

Can anyone who knows what the actual menu sequence is please post it here?



Posted by sfaguy
I agree with Dave-UK. Some of these things may be simple and easy for others, but it's still not very clear for some, including myself.

I can't seem to find the option/perference either.

Posted by switchbitch
Its not possible to make opera the default browser. But you can assign the internet button to opera using an application called "keymapper". (find it on my symbian). However, your px00 will always prefer the inbuilt browser as default when opening links sent via email for example.

Posted by sfaguy
I can't get Opera to check the UA flight site. I can do it with the default browser, but Opera does not work.

Upon entering the flight #, the next page just displays the BACK button, nothing more.

You can get to the UA site http://ua2go.com then select flight status.

I had seen someone mentioned about changing the settings for T-Mobile for Opera in order to make this works. I have done a search but unable to come up with the right answer.

Anyone out there use Opera with T-mobile, please let me know what I need to change. Some sites do not work under Opera but they work fine with the default browser.

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Posted by bensonl
I found the same problem with Opera (and Reqviewer). There are some site they just wont let you view but which the default will. Opera and Reqviewer r definitely nicer browers but seem 2 have some limitations.

Posted by dave_uk

It seems you and I have been duped by that old favourite, the esato bullshitter ,who chucks an odd rumour around (however irrelevant) to see how many muppets will respond. Other such examples are the bloke who upgraded his P800 to a P900 using the SE Update Service, and all the numerous crpa about up-and-coming handsets that never seem to materialise.

Any moderators listening, I'd like to volunteer to run a vigilante group to go around bashing this wankers that waste the valuable time of gullible idiots like myself!

BTW, I didn't fall for the P800-turns-P900 garbage, in case you were wondering!


Posted by tommy1971
Try Keymapper which you can download from www.my-symbian.com.

BTW there is one post with same subject on the same page of this post.

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