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control your mac: romeo

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Posted by calvin0927
has anyone tried romeo 0.5.0 (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11038)?

from the description, it seems to do exactly the same things (possibly more?) as sony ericsson clicker, except that this one is free... i haven't tried either program, as i don't have a bluetooth adapter, but it sounds great.

post impressions of the program here, for anyone who's tried it.

Posted by SunilC
Haven't tried Romeo yet but thanks for the tip, i'll try it on Monday and let you know what I think. I've been using SE Clicker for the past week and it is really very good. I've used it with iTunes and it's very handy indeed. From the description Romeo seems to have more features such controlling the mouse. I'll let you know after i've tried it though.


Posted by calvin0927
cool. i'll be glad to hear about the advantages/disadvantages of each, so i know which one to go for when i get my bluetooth adapter...

Posted by SpYder
I purchased Sony Ericsson Clicker as soon as v1.0 became available and i have also installed Romeo to use alongside Clicker. Both apps work well together so, you do not have to choose one or the other. Romeo has its main advantage of mouse movement, clicking, and zooming. You cannot, however, drag items along your screen, since you cannot move the joystick on the T68i while holding in the joystick button. Clicker can be customized and set up to do whatever you want it to do that is Apple Scriptable. It is great! Clicker has a 30 click demo period to try it, and after that costs $10. Romeo cannot be changed or customized and is free right now. Both products are VERY young applications less than a month old, and have jsut recently been made available to public use. This is history people! Get with it, and support bluetooth!

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