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Predictive text??

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Posted by Generalbc
Can somebody please tell me what kind of predictive text input the various phones have? I think all nokia phones have T9, which is in my opinion the best.

But some phones have Ezi-Text or something like that... What about Ericssons R600, T200 and T300? Please help!

Thanx, HGN - Denmark

Posted by Cytech

R600 has eZi Text.... T200 and T300 have T9

Posted by tommac
t68i has t9, i dont personally use it but i have heard that its good.

Posted by sterling
Good question. Why does my p800 NOT have predictive text?

Posted by Rashkae
Best guess: Tegic either has NO version of T9 for Symbian 7.0, or the licensing fees were atrocious.

Posted by baileynash
I use it on me T300... love it. I only use it when i'm not feeling lazy enough to use chatboard

Posted by CrazyG
The T68i uses T9. I use it all the time and I don't have a problem with it.

Posted by Andy.
I find the P800 keyboard the fastest method of sms input i have come across.

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