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Database format of dbfs

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Posted by daniel2311

I'm new to here. Does anyone know what database is used in the sony mobile phones? I make a backup of the msg_int.dbf with a2uploader. But I'm not able to read the msg_int.dbf. If you have a the structure of the database format i can devellop a software to do...

Any ideas?

Posted by tranced
Hi and welcome!

Is your phone damaged or something? If not, you can create a backup using MyPhoneExplorer which allows you to read the phone.

Posted by daniel2311
Hi Tranced,

no, the Phone is not damaged. I was using MyPhoneExplorer to backup the text messages. A friend of me get an Iphone and wants to keep the old text messages. So I write an importer to that... works fine! But there's a problem because MyPhoneExplorer cannot get the date of the send messages. So I thought I get the data on my own reading the msg_int.dbf! Is that possible?

Thanks for your fast reply.


Posted by tranced
Well, as of now I've seen just this: DBF Manager.

This is an advanced DBF data management solution for all database users. It is packed with features normally found only in top end software.

Posted by daniel2311
Now I try some dbase viewer but know one can open the file. And there is no file structure documentation.
The DBF Mager sag, that the file has an invalid header...
so it looks like it is not a normal dbf file... :-S

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