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K800i - Configuration Error . HELP PLS ! (

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Posted by glemin
Hi guys,

Ive been getting this message on my phone: "Configuration error, please contact your service carrier", i cant do anything, while the message is there, cant also cancel it. I found a web site where a guy said that i should flash my phone. The problem is that i installed a CDA (also updated my firmware to latest i could get on ericsson updater). When i start and connect to XS++, i am offered to upgrade my CID to 52 down from 49. When i press ok i get an error :
13:30:06| +++ Sending CERTIFICATE LOADER...
13:30:06| Sending db2020_cid01_cert_p3g.bin...
13:30:06| Applet ID: 060712 1258 ALU4_CXC1329130_DB2020_SEMC_CERTLOADER_P3G
13:30:06| This is a CERTIFICATE loader
13:30:06| Sending db2020_red49_cs_r3a009.bin...
13:30:06| Header: Error 0x10
13:30:06| Error: Failed to send CSLoader

I also looked up the region.. i got this phone from my company so it says : T_MOB_INT_B
and the colour is: Brown (maybe thats the problem ? i read somewhere that brown couldnt be flashed but it was a long time ago.)

anyways here are my specs :
Baseband ID: 9900
13:30:03| Protocol Version: 3.1
13:30:03| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K800)
13:30:03| ...using GDFS name
13:30:03| Profiling SEMC phone...
13:30:03| Platform: DB2020
13:30:03| OTP CID: 36
13:30:03| EROM CID: 49
13:30:03| EROM Color: Brown
13:30:03| IMEI: 00460101xxxxxx
13:30:03| Phone ID: K800
13:30:03| Region: T_MOB_INT_B
13:30:03| CDA: CDA102511/82 R7A
13:30:03| Firmware Version: R1CB001
13:30:03| EROM: R3A009
13:30:03| Ready for operation!

Any help welcome pls... btw im kinda noob at this so patience please


Posted by centur
Change color from BROWN to RED and flash with XS or Setool.

Posted by glemin
Hi, thanks for the answer, but eh how do i change the colour ? (sry im noob) do i change it in XS++ somewhere?

Posted by centur

On 2011-02-20 14:18:57, glemin wrote:
Hi, thanks for the answer, but eh how do i change the colour ? (sry im noob) do i change it in XS++ somewhere?

Use Omnius change CID color from BROWN to RED -it's free.

Posted by glemin
I started using the Omnius thing, but i got one problem :

When im trying to switch the colour it recognises the phone (after instructions ((like switch off the phone and hold 2 and 5 to connect)), and then it says "Restarting the phone.." and the phone doesnt restart and it seems like the software is waiting for me to do something, but when i either restart the phone, or just unplug it and connect again, it does the steps like "writing flash" and then it says "successfully done", but when i check the info about the phone its still brown (sry for making it complicated). Basically: I get stucked on one step (the one that says restarting phone and the instructions pop up) and whatever i do with the phone or the cable, the colour doesnt apparently change but the program says its successful

*Important EDIT*: Thanks for the help m8 ! i just tried to flash it through omnius having a brown colour and it worked !! yay... thanks very much and sorry for the trouble
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