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Time zone not sync with date of photo created

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Posted by amnher
I have a problem. Im living in the Philippines and I set my time zone to GMT+8 or manila. But it seems the time on my camera pictures are based on GMT+0 I tried reflashing my phone then adjusting first time zone to manila which is gmt+8 then try taking a picture but still time is not right with gmt+8. its still gmt+0... How do i fix this one? or should I stick my phone's time zone to gmt+0? is there no other way?

Posted by amnher
What I mean is when I right click on the picture.
Lets say the right time is 5:59PM January 1,2010
but on its properties is
Date created: 9:59AM January 1,2010
Date modified: 9:59AM January 1,2010

Posted by zAlbee
I think it is a bug that SE has never fixed. Their timezone handling is totally inconsistent between calendar and filesystem. In my opinion, I think they are just doing it wrong.

I live in UTC -8 timezone, so if I take a picture at 12:00 PM, then view the file on my computer, it will actually show a file date of 8:00 PM, 8 hours in the future.

The file creation/modification time is wrong. However, the JPEG metadata should also contain the Date Picture Taken, and that has the correct time.

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