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Elm - Conversations

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Posted by nikolaos
Does SE Elm have conversations..? I'm texting all the time and I think of buying it, but If I can't get the option the way I did with G705(customize_upgrade.xml), I'll buy G705 again..

Posted by xclbr
yup, "conversations" feature is present in elm.

Posted by nikolaos
thank you, but any way to make it work on w595..?

Posted by korbindallis
Yes it has and nearly 4 times the sms space compared to k790

Posted by dcx_badass
I have 2296 messages on my Elm so far and no slowdowns, also it does have conversations.

Posted by groovepeppy
having more than a thousand sms stored aren't slowing down the phone at all but it was touching my nerves when opening the inbox or trying to find the old sms from the archive. That's why i always delete my messages when it reach over 500.

Posted by shawida
I never kept sms more than 20 and I use 'delete all messages' almost weekly..

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