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Soon on the next SE phone?

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Posted by jplacson
Hmmm... now that Panasonic is joining the camera phone race with their Lumix line...

I wonder if we'll be seeing Sony's new baby on near-future phones

Sony's 16MP mobile phone HD sensor

Posted by Shino03
Probably because that's the same thing that happened to Satio but...
I just wonder how large the file size of the pictures would be with that 16 mp!

Posted by jplacson
I just hope they mate it with a really good Zeiss lens w/ optical zoom... even a 3x zoom like the Altek Leo...

Posted by mriley
How come you want optical zoom on a camera-phone? It would add a lot of weight and space and it would end up being more of a camera than a phone

Posted by jplacson
Well, a 16mp camera on a phone is less useful... optical zoom makes those 16mp way more practical to have.

As is, anything over 5mp on a fixed lens camera phone is already overkill.

full 1080p HD is less than 3mp... so a 5mp cam is more than enough, even if you take into account electronic IS.

Optical zoom makes the camera more useful both in stills and HD video.

And face it, if you're gonna put a 16mp camera on a phone... it IS going to be more of a camera than a phone.

Right now, the 5mp & 8mp on the Xperia line is waaaaaaaay overkill for blogging and email use. I find it annoying that I can't even scale it down for blogging/email purposes... but not a deal breaker.

Compression artifacts kinda ruin the 5/8mp quality already... so unless that 16mp is low compression... that's gonna look really noisy. The CMOS may not be, but the final jpeg will.

Posted by goldenface

Did you realise you have the option of 8MP, 6MP or 2MP picture sizes on the X10?

Posted by jplacson
sorry, my bad...

not on the mini pro
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