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Anyone here used CEX before? Having problems with them

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Posted by dizzybee
So I sent offf 2 old phones to them 4 weeks ago and they still haven't send me a check. Emailed them friday and they haven't gotten back to me. I've emailed them quite a few times as they have taken so long. This is really pissing me off. I am desperate for the money.

Anyone else had problems with them or know a number I can ring? Thanks

Posted by dizzybee
The website isn't even working

Posted by lukechris
The website is working here?

Posted by dizzybee
The website is working now, I am considering sending them another email, not that it will do anything tbh

Posted by lukechris
Ring them, ring 01923 228828

Posted by Bonovox
I will never use them again though i cant anyway. I had a dispute with them some years ago when i sold a k700i to them. After selling it they told me the phone had become blocked which was complete crap. They even said they were going to involve police but i got around that. I was fecking furious :@

Posted by dizzybee
Thank you lukechris they will be getting a phone call tomorrow. Should have just used ebay. I mean 4 weeks. For f**ks sake. nice desperate for the money and the best they can come up with is your check is in a queue to be issued. Why can't you issue it today. Why couldn't you have done it 3 nice weeks ago. They owe me 70 quid and I would never have got that much sticking them on ebay. How am I gona buy xmas presents? Got no money atm. Like 50 quid in the bank.

Posted by mysterio
Hi been doing some research i don't know where your from but they have local stores all over england
hope this help

Posted by mhoobag1
I am having the same problems getting paid from CEX. Its really annoying that no-one replies to emails. We have set up a new group on Facebook called: CeX - Worst company in the world Please join an protest!

Posted by Miss UK
How come you didn't just go instore to them?

Posted by dizzybee
Because they dont have a store where I live. They still have one of my phones

Posted by etaab
Even if you go in their store the staff are useless and have bad attitudes

My local CEX employ a load of tree-hugging-hippies, you cant get an answer out of them.

If you can sell over the counter to them, do so, but dont expect too much from their website.

Posted by PNE365
CEX are the biggest bunch of con merchants on our High Streets, My son got a mobile from them and it was faulty. The phone went back less than 24 hours and they only offered a Voucher refund.

They rip EVERYONE off no matter who they are, Adults, Kids, They would even rob a baby of it's mothers tit. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS

Posted by dizzybee
Epic bump lol

The theiving basterds still have one of my phones. Decided to email them again today threatening to go to watchdog. Doubt they'll bother replying. Anyone got any suggestions of what to do?

EDIT: Just realised I never explained what's happened since. They eventually sent back one of my phones saying they couldn't sell it due to a small crack, it came back with a number of new scratches on the screen. They claim they never received the other one however both phones were in the same package, so they clearly did. They hardly ever replyed to my emails and eventually stopped so I gave up. Just seen this thread and I thought no I am gona try again at this. I was desperate for money at the time of doing this and ended up borrowing money instead. Hope the company goes bankrupt.
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