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Your favourite feature in T68

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Posted by MarkOng
Mine is without a doubt, the ability to create and store new themes. Gives your phone a whole new look which is not only more fun than changing stupid faceplates like a certain other brand ( ) but also much cheaper too.

And the fact that the se community is great. We don't have to pay for downloads and stuff but rather share them amongst ourselves like all the guys here at Esato!

Paying for ringtones and operator logos???


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Posted by Bug One
Bluetooth with PC Control from Chrisserson


Posted by caff
Picture phonebook & voice record !!!

Posted by mari
@mark- yeah, i agree with you about the esato community. Members helping each other and becoming friends eventually. I find useful the data and sms counters most. Feature ive been waitin 4 since sms became such a big thing where i come from. I used to send 1k+ sms a month without realizing it.

Posted by amagab
Bluetooth and Themes

Posted by [MDS]
design, bt, themes...

and color screen (but now, it is outdated)....

Posted by pretty woman

Posted by DJ Teknosys

Posted by solobaric
Bluetooth, picture caller id, and themes. I also love the heartbeat ringtone which nokia phones cant do. Hehehe

Posted by sylvester

Posted by airevolt
it gotta be the themes, screensaver and picture album and also gprs , mms and bluetooth baby!

Posted by superman17
....nice topic! ....themes, moving screensavers, gprs!

Posted by kolokoy
screensavers, themers. bluetooth, MMS

Posted by Dj Boyi
I like the fact that i can save 100's of ringtones in the t68's memory instead of being limited like a certain mobile i could name,also a great composer in it and GPRS,when it f**kin works!Hey ORANGE! I'm starting to dislike YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by frycek
Themes;-)but how do i create themes using my pix.da themes editor n da SE website bored me:-lhey,mark ong share naman ur themes wid me,i lyk clasical music or artsy themes havent found ne:-(

Posted by Calvin c",)
Nothin specific but don't you just love the whole package of features? I love 'em all!!!

Posted by frycek
Hey markong ur da man!how do i acess ur website via gprs?i wana hav a fill of ur cool themes!i want harypoter,LOTR,clasical music n arts,castelvania DA WORKS!yeah pls help me.email me frycek@globextm.com.ph:-Dmore power to yaŁ

Posted by sotos2004
Picture Phonebook is my favorite feature but i also love the theme feature. I'm changing themes all the time.

Posted by HIgher_168
T68i For its size and weight u wouldnt expect it to be that feature packed. Impressive...

Posted by ppcrockar
I like bluetooth a lot, it is great. MMS and GPRS is great too.

But the one thing I like the most about the T68 is the flexability of the phone (or actually the T68's firmware). Just look at programs like PCControl or Float's Mobile Agent. No other phone even comes close to allow that kind of flexability.

Another thing that is so great is all those small "undocumented" great features that just makes the phone so much better. The software designers has really done a great job to put in all those small extra functions. Like Cut&Paste in the phonebook, and scroll pages up/down in wap with the volume button.

And the fact that the phone "multitask" great. You can use the IR-port for syncing AvantGO on your palm, while you do stuff with bluetooth on the phone at the same time...

It is stuff like this taht makes the phone so much better than all the other phones.

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Posted by nookiehunter
bluetooth, ir, email client, tri-band, good build quality, size, color screen. all the features i expect from a world class phone.

Posted by orang3
:bt: ,ir ,mms ,colour combination and built

Posted by fu|at^t68
recurrent rules. it wake me up everyday without fail.

Posted by Jowi
colored screen of course

Posted by gareb
GPRS and the e-mail client first of all.And the voicecommands.

Posted by legallypogi
Tones memory!I guess i can stored 10k+ imytones!

Posted by Rui_Costa
I just LOVE my T68. , themes, design, ..., everything...

Posted by iceclone
I like GRPS, themes, and its triband feature. The BT is nice too but I seldom use it. :-)

Posted by Silencer
I like the ability to download pictures, SCREENSAVERS and more ringtones! :-D

Posted by pachy
*Heres one for you

Posted by DANN
XHTML WAP browser, GPRS, Bluetooth, email client, colour display, schemes, calender with ability to autochange of profiles, voice controll with handsfree, voice recorder, small size, communicam MCA-20 and lot of other features :-)

Posted by sunjivas
just bout ev'rythin u can name bout it is gd!

Posted by evoke
I love the fact u can talk on it!

and gprs/colour screen/themes/email client etc

although email client would probably be my favourite!

Guru4u - now with added IT Guru and Web Design Guru

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Posted by brick
communicam. Anytime anywhere. And how come nobody mentioned the joystick? Such a joy to use with the menu system.

Posted by bart
picture album that is like, alsow the voice memo, and yes the colour screen is a good feature.

Posted by MrSavoy
I love every feature on the T68. It's still the most feature packed phone out. Not to mention all the kick ass acessories you can get for it. It's still (1 year later after it's release) one bad ass phone. SE did an amazing job on the T68!!

Posted by bjambean
I love the way it takes a few seconds for the phone to load up a picture if the person calling you is associated with a picture and then you press 'yes' and the phone won't do any thing cos it's thinking about ringing and displaying the picture then you'll press 'yes' again and it'll come up with call held, then you'll press it one more time to hear your friend saying, "hello.... hello?...."


Posted by hyperken
gprs ,bt, email and sms kakkaakkaka !!!!

Posted by t68-voda
i like PC CONTROL software which works perfectly with t68 or t68i!!
coool stuff!
Nokia fans wont be angry.....coz they cant use Java-applications on their nice bluetooth mobiles....

Posted by CyberAngel
I think the 'see-who-calls-you' feature is great but best of all: it's NOT a Nokia...

(since I had nothing but trouble with Nokia phones in the past)

Posted by iyiinsan
design, accesories (HPM-10, HPR-20, MCA-25, etc....), colored screen, being able to change the front cover, gprs, writing sms in bold or italic letters, joystick, options button, being able to download stuff from wap, being able to download hundreds of pictures or melodies.... which means everything!!!!

Posted by MominIslam
MMS rulz on Sonyericsson phones, 1 MMS can contain up tp 13 media items, be it text, picture, melody, animated pictures or recorded sound clips. this means its like having a mini powerpoint program on ya mobile.

I was expecting a big killer MMS apllication for Nokia7210 to rival SE's.

sony ericsson was the first ever MMS supported mobile, my friend bought Nokia 7210 to rival my T68m. he brought it to college, i was expectin a better phone guarenteed, SE does it again still better, far better.
even though 7210 is new its MMS app is rubbish, 1 MMS contains a total of 1 picture and text, where is a sound recorder, u cant even add sound files. its like nokia pic msgs but just the picture is colour, rubbish RUBBISH NOKIA, my oppinions only. i think maybe its got a huge software fault and hardware fault HHHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Nikos_zxc
My favourite function is GPRS, ringtones and tkemes!!!!!the se is tke best phone i have ever seen in my live!!!

Posted by neilgoth
I love the navigation of the 68's wap browser :-D

Posted by dadickin
Well, Love nearly everything about the T68i,

I especially love the bluetooth, although it was not something I was especially bothered about until I read the I did something naughty today thread - I now love targeting Nokia's

I had this guy well wound up at work today with it - but more info in the above mentioned thread!

Does any one know of any probs in communication to/from a Philips Fisio 820e via bluetooth?

Posted by Dj Boyi

Posted by arcmhyke
For me almost all the features of t68i, the themes, mms, imelody, wap browser, style, Ł

Posted by joebmc
For me its got to be the design of the phone, its just so good, the right weight, hight, size fills almost as good as jlo's bum!

Posted by The GLENSTR
GPRS, bluethooth!;-) ang the ESATO community!:-D

Posted by dBAGZiq

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