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use camera phone as webcam

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Posted by rishi.iitk
is it possible to use camera phone as webcam using some software.if it is possible then give me the link for that softy.

Posted by QuickShare
no way..

Posted by shaliron
And if there was a software out, I doubt that you'd get very high quality video. Remember SE phones can only do QCIF and most, if not all webcams do VGA @ 30fps.

Posted by strizlow800
I remeber there was a software to use the phone as a web cam. It is made mainly for k700, but I've tested it works on my w800 great as well. But the problem is the camera speed (the phone's processor speed to stream the pictures fast enough to use it as a web cam). So when you connect the phone it takes very long time to see the next frame. I mean, the first frame is now, the next is shown after 15 sec, so it is not useable as web cam. I think the VGA camera phones, has smaller pictures, and if they stream the pictures faster, it could work OK. The software I saw on this forum, but I cannot find the post myself. Try searching it.


Posted by raj177
yeah there used to be one i used with my p800...not sure about normal handsets though


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Posted by smeargol
Hi there,
the software strizlow800 mentioned can be found on the bottom of this page:


it is called "SE Webcam", previously called "K700 Webcam" and it worked fine on my D750i flashed to W800i.

But it is not the processor of the x750i/w800i that is too slow to process the video/picture data fast enough, but the lack of a possibility to read data straight from the camera.

Which means the program cannot access the camera/video/picture data directly but uses a trick/workaround to grab pictures.
It sends commands to the phone so it takes a picture, then this picture is downloaded from the phone and then uploaded to a website via ftp, and as you can imagine, this takes some time for every single picture.

=> You get a refresh rate for your "Webcam" of about 10-15s minimum, which cannot be compared to a normal streaming webcam, sadly

Do hope someone will come up with a java application that acts as a camera server on the phone (as java is able to use the camera, maybe it will be possible to stream the picture/video data through a "server" program) and a corresponding client on PC...

Posted by rishi.iitk
hey nice application but wats the settings for ftp client.please post those settings related to that so that every one can use it withut having any problem.

Posted by chaizak
nice program thanks

Posted by djlucas
Im sure i used to have a webcam program, i remember using it and it was good quality on my w800i.. cant remember what it was called though

Posted by sapporobaby
This has been discussed to death several times over. Use the search feature and you will get your answers.

Posted by william_j
There is Mobiola Web Camera from Warelex. You can use your phone as a wireless webcam for your PC or laptop. Supported wide range of models - Nokia and Sony Ericsson Symbian smarphones with S60, UIQ3 or UIQ2, J2ME phones Nokia S40 and SE JP-6, JP-7, JP-8 model ranges. Also there is Windows Mobile version.

Posted by belialwafu
I know a phone that is also a web cam....it is an asus phone...try too look at their site

Posted by william_j
Yes, there are some models of korean and chinese manufacturers that can work as USB webcam natively.

Posted by ahmedzubair
Most of simbian phones can be used as a webcam... works perfect on my N72 saved me a fortune:)

Following page has the details:

Posted by Shawshanklis

On 2006-11-10 13:40:38, shaliron wrote:
And if there was a software out, I doubt that you'd get very high quality video. Remember SE phones can only do QCIF and most, if not all webcams do VGA @ 30fps.

Visit kinoni.con..

it will help

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