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Cases for the P990

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Posted by Jah

there are 2 Noreve cases now. The link I gave is for the one I have that has a cut-away for the connector. This case is for use with a flip attached P990, the other case that does not have access to the connector is for use with a P990 without a flip.

Posted by PeterKay
I've still not come accross a P990i flip open case that has made me say WOW !!! Maybe i'm too fussy?

Posted by p9nineo

On 2006-11-02 21:43:09, Jah wrote:

there are 2 Noreve cases now. The link I gave is for the one I have that has a cut-away for the connector. This case is for use with a flip attached P990, the other case that does not have access to the connector is for use with a P990 without a flip.

Do you have both the case?
From the picture, the tradition B do look almost the same as the initial case? I think it should be usable with the flip as well.

Posted by Jah

re: Noreve cases

No I only have the Traditional one, which was the first one to be launched. You right abut the B case, it seems to have a depression in the leather cover to accommodate the extra width created by the flip.

Posted by p9nineo
I am using the Tradition A as well.
Hope someone with Tradition B will give some feedback on it.

Posted by PeterKay
are vaja cases not doing any this time for the P990?

Posted by gseh88
You guys are confusing me with the Noreve Tradition and Tradition B cases. I think you have things the wrong way round. The Tradition case is the one which allows you to leave the flip on and the case cover hinges at the top of the phone. The Tradition B hinges at the bottom and does not have an opening for the connector.

Anyway, I bought the brown Tradition case (along with ones for my M600 and Archos AV500) and am totally disappointed with it (the other cases are not perfect but OK). The main problem is that it simply does not fit! The bits of the case at the front of the P990 do not line up with the phone by about 4 mm which means the front camera, speaker opening and warning light are all obscured by the case. I wrote to Noreve (with photos) about this assuming they would replace my case but instead, all they have offered is a 10 euro discount off my next purchase. What a joke! We're not talking about a slight defect or scratch here so I have turned down their offer but have not heard from them since 31st Oct (I thought I would give them a few days to rectify the situation before posting this). With this sort of attitude towards customer service and quality control I feel I ought to warn you all before you buy a case from Noreve. However, even if the cover did fit there are several problems with its design:

1. The edges of the openings for keyboard and screen have a thick rolled edge which makes pressing the keys at the sides (especially the letter "A") very difficult.
2. The corners of the screen opening are rounded so slightly obscuring the extreme corners of the screen and this, together with the thick edges means you cannot use your finger tip to tap on the task manager and the triangular icon at the bottom left corner (whatever it's called!).
3. The fit of the case is quite loose which means the phone tends to slide partially out of the case when you open it and the case is also bigger than it needs to be (the phone is big enough so I want a tight fit).
4. I now use the case without the flip as leaving it on meant a slight rubbing against the case when the flip was open which made the alignment problem even worse. Maybe if my case was correctly made and didn't have the alignment problem then it wouldn't have this problem either.

To balance my quick review, I would add that good points include good quality leather, nice stitching, and the ability to slot the phone into the original charging/sync base without needing to take the case off.

Posted by p9nineo
do agree there is alignment problem on the front and back camera as well as the speaker.
I need to shift the case slightly down to hear the caller better.

Posted by Jah

agree with the case being a bit loose but I use a BT headset always and stylus so the other issues you raise are not that important for me.

Posted by deevonn
i agree too, when i use it for video call, i can actually see the leather case on the screen blocking my view .
but i've tried the Piel Frama before and i still think that the noreve one is better,
but i guess nothing is perfect though

i still believe that if Vaja made one for P990i it will be the best one,
but i doubt it as the company is based in the USA and P990i is not so popular down there.

Posted by charliest
Rats, I ordered the Noreve Tradition case yesterday and just saw the latest comments

I guess the search for the perfect case is similar to the search for perfect firmware upgrade.

Posted by p9nineo

which 1 have you ordered?
The Tradition A or the B one?

Posted by gseh88
It's sad to see that my alignment problem wasn't a one-off which I assumed it was. That definitely means I'm not going to be spending my 10 euro credit with Noreve! At this point I must confess that point 2 I made regarding not being able to get to some icons with your finger actually applies to my M600 case (also Noreve) - OK, I must have been tired but if you look at the time I posted my comments, I hope you will forgive me!

As for Vaja cases, I love their semi regid i-volution style of case but their normal ones use a horrible shiny leather. I had an i-volution case for my K700 which looked GREAT but again, the speaker grille didn't line up with the phone's speaker and to hear anything I had to push the phone slightly out of the case so that the speaker stuck out in the open. Not exactly convenient but I'd like to think this was just a design oversight as previous cases were outstanding.

In the meantime, the hunt goes on.......

Posted by Jah

the quality of fit for cases that cover the whole phone etc from the Krusell and Brando seem to be worst than for Noreve from the comments here. This only leaves the CoverTec as other quality brand that has a case planned. Given that so many cases don't seem perfect perhaps the shape of the P990 and flip open mode are too difficult to design for....

Posted by aqualung
Finally got my phone yesterday !

Jah, I agree, the Krusell case is not great, and doesn't fit properly ( I think their quality has gone down a bit since the P910 cases ! )
However I'm using it since it's all I've got right now. The Noreve cases look gorgeous BUT I prefer something that lets me see the screen without opeing the case. A Vaja case would be ideal.

I have ordered a crystal case from brando.hk. Let's hope it fits !

Posted by aqualung
Well my crystal case arrived today.

It fits well.. filed down a couple of sharp plastic 'bits' from the mould. The edges inside, where it touches the phone, are otherwise smooth so it shouldn't scratch the phone.

The cutouts accomodate all the working ports ( including the keylock, something krusell forgot about ! ) and the stylus is easy to get to.

The depth is correct - it does not press on the touch screen.

Let's see how it looks in a couple of weeks...right now I'm happy.

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Posted by PeterKay
pics please aqualung

Posted by aqualung
@PeterKay believe it or not the only digital camera I own is the one on my phone...

but it looks exactly like the pics on this link-


which is where I bought it from. It is actually in my opinion quite well made.

(I will post pics over weekend , expecting to see a friend who has a decent camera ... )

Posted by PeterKay
No probs mate, them pics look good. cheers

Posted by michaelmah
Hi all, actually I'm not new member at Esato. being busy and only like to read this forum since I joined few years ago. Just want to give feedback after brought my Noreve case doesn't really feed the phone and look bulky as well. I think the leather also too thick and can see very obvious when you try to place inside your business suit and pocket pant as well. Anyone have Piel Frama close side pictures and any good or bad feedback. try to buy it this weeked.

Posted by stiltzkin

Have you seen the silicon cases for the P990, if so, how does the fit compare?

I have one of the silicon condoms for mine, and it fits well, but it makes putting the phone in / out my pocket a pain due to the increased friction.

Also, if you haven't got one, I would recomend everone gets a screen protector - piece of p*ss to put on and you can't tell it's there. Just make sure the screen is really clean before applying it.

Posted by aqualung

Haven't seen the silicon case for P990i "in the flesh";-). I had the Capdase silicon case on my P910 and it worked well - good fit.
( Being a girl means I carry the phone in my bag - so never noticed the 'stickiness'. What did help with the fluff collecting on the case was to wash it well with dishwashing soap, rinse and dry off - this once off made it a lot less of a fluff-magnet )

When I got my phone a Martin Fields screen protector was on it within minutes of coming out the box !

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Posted by charliest
The saga never seems to end, does it? I find it most irritating that there appears to be no way to prevent the P990i screen from illuminating at any keypress, even when the keyboard is locked. That means when the phone is in any case that exerts pressure on the flip, the backlight is on almost continuously as keeys get accidentally pressed.
I hope that I am missing something obvious!

Posted by lexus
I have ordered silicon case from Brando, it is just fine, fits well, feels nise too in hand. Only Problem is that it tends to collect dust so I need to wipe it once in a while... If you need Pictures lemme know...

Posted by PeterKay
pictures please Lexus, thanks.

Posted by hanash19
crystal case looks nice, right??

Posted by Mr[NiK]
my silicone skin i dont know the brand but its not a brando !

sorry for the crappy pics had to use my webcam to take them !! and before any one asks the symbol on the back of the case was superglued on by me !! Its off my old p800 which i dont use any more !!!

“I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself” - Bruce Lee

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Posted by hanash19
the symbol on the back of the case was superglued on by you!!

really good idea


Posted by Mr[NiK]
thanks man !

Posted by einst
Same case as mine... pretty good quality.. but have noticed it's getting a bit slack around the sides..


Posted by gseh88
Following my posts early this month on my experience with Noreve cases, I feel I ought to add some closing comments to balance the picture. To recap, my P990 case fitted awfully and I wrote to complain. Noreve offered 10 euros off my next purchase (!!) as compensation which I rejected but heard nothing back from them so assumed it was just one of those mistakes one makes in life! Anyway, last week out of the blue I received a replacement case and this time it fits perfectly with no edges getting in the way of fingers or screen and IF they are all like that then I can wholeheartedly recommend them. My only complaint is that when I asked for a replacement I asked for a black one (I bought a brown one which doesn't work with the P990) but I still got a brown one anyway. Oversight or petty mindedness?? Who knows.......

Posted by nisargpatel
i m just using my old P900 case tht comes with it . and fits perfectly in it .

Posted by Residentevil
Wow that brando case is indeed smart.

Posted by scottt
I have bought both a black silicone skin case and a hard cystal case for my P990i, and i have to say i much prefer it with neither of them.....

I have an ICE-25 on its way and will just have to see what i reckon to that but so far i definately prefer my P990i to be naked

Posted by PeterKay
Agree with you there scott, it looks better as it is. Some cases would spoil the WOW effect of the P990i.

Posted by mayacesar
Hi there,

I just received my silicone case today from Hong-Kong, bought on ebay. Quite impressed buy the quality. And even the keypad is completely protected.
It cost me 12 euros in total... The only thing is that I haven't purchased the P990i yet. I'm waiting for some gift cheques to buy it during the Christmas sales.
I now have the P910i, also in a silicone case that I carry with my genuine SE leather pouch.
All that Noreve and Pdair stuff looks great but not really practical in my point of view. I wonder how long it takes you guys to answer a call with these buttons and extra long flip.
I think the P990i should fit in the SE leather case.
I was impressed by Energetic's finding (camera case at the Media Markt store in Greece, congrats man).
All I need is something cute and classy, simple and practical.

Here is the silicone one I got this morning :


Hope you'll be able to view it.


Posted by PeterKay

On 2006-11-27 20:07:41, nisargpatel wrote:
i m just using my old P900 case tht comes with it . and fits perfectly in it .

I have this case too but that completely hides the phone in the pouch and it needs to be removed each time if you want to answer the call!

Posted by dannycol
I'm looking for a leather case for P990 with flip off, i like the pielframa, does anyone know how it fits without the flip?

Posted by PeterKay
@Danny, a few pictures are available here.

Posted by dannycol
@ Peter

thanks.. i seen most cases available on the internet but they all seem suited or made for use with the flip... was wondering if the pielframa fits okwithout the flip , i'm sure it would fit but presumable not as snug!?

Posted by p9nineo
Noreve Flip off case


Posted by bondizi
The Vaja case for the P990 is pretty sweet... although not an interactive case, just a carrying pouch.

Regardless, its sweeeeeeeet!

p.s. the newer p990 covers from krusell seem to have been fixed.... they have the keylock cutout, and a detachable leather strip going across the thumbboard instead of a fixed one.

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Posted by PeterKay
Vaja case for the P990 !!
Has it been released?

Posted by bondizi

Seems to be shipping already ... gives me a delivery time of 15 days following customization, if I add it to my shopping cart.

Posted by PeterKay
Its a bummer taking the phone out of the pouch each time, but it is a quality case.

Posted by bondizi
It sure is a beauty...

Did you check out all the colour and finish variations? Nice options... I myself dig the chocolate vitelino....

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Posted by PeterKay
Surely did, i love Vaja products but want a case that doesn't need to be taken out of a pouch. Hope Vaja do that soon

Posted by bondizi
I hear ya ...

Something like the vaja M600 case would be ideal.

Posted by PeterKay
Exactly, thought Vaja would've created one by now! Have you seen any other cases for the P990i in flip off mode?

Posted by bondizi
Not really... unless you like the Brando or PDAir silicone skins. If anyone has been using them a couple months now, I'd like to hear about their experience with it.

I used Piel Frama for the P900 and P910 I used to have, but got tired of it - now using the 2nd version of Krusell's P990 cover.

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