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Dubai Dutyfree mobile prices and info.

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Posted by lahiruwan
hi, has anyone of you guys got a phone from dubai dutyfree? i've heard
its a bit more expensive than in the city.

A relative is transitting dubai and I want to see if i can get down a mobile from there.

I have not gone to that airport. can someone who has been there tell me
if the duty free complex is run by one company or are there many shops
run by different people?

I am asking because i got a price quote from a company calling themselves dubai dutyfree (www.dubaidutyfree.com) and the phone i want (Nokia 6131) is not in stock. I want to know if I'd be able to get it from another shop in the dutyfree complex.

Please help.


Posted by aboveconnection
its expensive to buy in the airport

Posted by Skrue
it is held by one shop/company and that is dubai duty free. it is quite expensive there rather than malls or other shops in dubai however prices in dubai(even in duty free) are SOMETIMES alot cheaper than buying online or shops there in europe.

Posted by BobaFett
@amnesia posted here some infos about it, serch for his posts

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