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Anyone managed to get the in-box strap through the hole on the T600...??

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Posted by Henkan
Please help!

Posted by nwmq1
I have, was quite tough though :\

and impossible to explain how I did

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Posted by Thullan
I stucked the strap in from the front and used a needle from the top to hook it up. Kind of difficult

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Posted by sahand

I have big fingers but I did that without any problems. But I wonder what the use of the strap is? I think it is quite uggly. But before I bought my T600 I thought it was cool and I thought I would use it but now I know.

Posted by Henkan

Have to rob my mother for a needle then...!

Posted by knuthakon

I managed to do in in one goo!
T600 roulez!

Posted by Thullan
Henkan - hehe yes get a needle, or some very small hook.

However I think the strap should have been all in silver, not silver and black.

Posted by Henkan
Yippie! I did it!! Thanks Thullan...!

Posted by reema12
Is t600 is a good phone? Is it support nokia ring tone just like t66?

Posted by navy77
What a challenge there is, huh? I used a dental hook! ;-)

Posted by Henkan

It's the best phone I've had...! It supports both Nokia ringsignals and Nokia logos... The best thing about it is the design and the fact that none of the old Ericsson slowness in the menus is left...!


Maybe not so hard after all...
Everything larger than 92x41x20mm is to big!! =)

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Posted by DeLa
After having it put on and off again some time the thin black thread becomes less stiff. Then it is easy to get it in & out.

Unfortunately there is no washing instructions. Would it be ok in 30 with colorprotective liquid?

Posted by cscs

On 2002-10-17 13:18, reema12 wrote:
Is t600 is a good phone? Is it support nokia ring tone just like t66?

This post was posted from a T39

Check this forum for the well know sleep bug in this forum. It is not fix yet even you are on latest firmware release (45R4A)

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