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GPRS dial sequence: "*99*1#" or "*99***1#"?

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Posted by vgergo
Could you tell me what's the difference between using the
and the
dial sequence for GPRS?

Background: I was looking for information on how to set up GPRS communication from my Jornada 680LX handheld with my T68i over IR. Found some useful info here on Esato regarding the IR connection, but couldn't get hold of any ideas on the method to start GPRS.

Finally I searched the Internet, and a site turned up, where they mentioned the *99*1# dial sequence. It worked, I was happy. Then I searched Esato for this new info *99*1#, but couldn't find it. Instead I found *99***1# being recommended all over. I tried, that works also (of course).

So, both work, but what's the difference? Is the number of stars set the number of channels to be used? Then *99****1# would give me 4 down-channels? Maybe a guru can enlighten me.

Posted by GOwin
The number before the # sign is for the cid. Dialling the *99# (i'm not sure if i remember it right. I'll check it when i get to my pc) uses the default cid, which is one. I don't know about the asterisks.

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